DB Cooper

I wrote an article on DB Cooper’s exploits and travel information if you wanted to retrace his steps for the heist. You can find the full article here: And read more about it below the video. Here’s the video that sparked my interest.

Here’s the video description:

On a recent episode “Expedition Unknown,” Josh Gates investigates the infamous D.B. Cooper story, picking up where the FBI left off. Gates works with scientist and investigator Tom Kaye to test particles from Cooper’s clip-on tie, facilitating a more in-depth analysis. The results, as revealed on the show, are groundbreaking. Tune in to an encore presentation of “Expedition Unknown” – Cracking the D.B. Cooper Case – on Wednesday, January 18 at 8:00 pm ET/PT.

If you were interested in taking a vacation to retrace the steps that DB Cooper supposedly took to make his getaway. Check this article out, featuring the DB Cooper Museum.

Here’s an excerpt from that article:

An accent-less, middle-aged, white male in a dark suit and tie, Dan Cooper drew little attention boarding the flight. After the jet took off, Cooper handed Florence Schaffner a note. In the sixties and seventies, men traveling alone commonly slipped phone numbers or hotel room numbers to flight attendants, so Schaffner placed the note in her pocket and ignored it. The next time she passed, Cooper motioned for her to come closer. He told her that she better read the note and warned that he had a bomb, nodding towards his suitcase. Schaffner went to the galley to read the note. She showed it to the other flight attendant and together they hurried to the cockpit to show the pilot. After he read the note, the pilot immediately contacted air traffic control. They in turn contacted the Seattle police, who informed the FBI. The FBI placed an urgent call to the airline’s president, Donald Nyrop, who demanded that they comply with Cooper’s demands. Doubtless, Nyrop wanted to avoid any negative publicity that such a disaster would bring.


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