How we Do 2255 Appeals

How We Work

PCR Consultants is a document preparation company. We make, legally-sound documents that our clients may utilize to plead for all manner of relief in the federal criminal justice system. Anything from §2255 motions to Requests for Early Release from Probation.

We aren’t lawyers, and we aren’t a law firm. That means we don’t represent our clients in court, and cannot file for them. What we do is write fantastic documents that will make the defendant HEARD by the courts, and include with them an application for the appointment of defense counsel.

Inmates are not guaranteed free defense attorney’s as a right during the process of a §2255. This is to protect the federal defenders office from being flooded with work in this area. Most of these types of motions that are filed have little to no merit, or are dismissed for various reasons (such as the ability to raise the issue on direct appeal or no standing to argue new constitutional law in a habeas proceeding).

However, once a judge accepts the request for an evidentiary hearing on a §2255 that is found to have real grounds, appointment of counsel is required (according to Federal Rules Governing §2255 Procedure 8(c)). Our service comes as a package deal, we write:

  1. The original motion, using the district’s own forms (if it requires them);
  2. A motion for an evidentiary hearing if the judge finds merit in the request;
  3. A motion to proceed as indigent (In Forma Pauperis); and,
  4. A motion for the appointment counsel if the motion for evidentiary hearing is granted.

If you would like to learn more about filing federal appeals, and what these motions can and cannot do, visit PCR Consultants for a full report.You can also give us a call at (480) 382-9287 for a free, no obligation consultation regarding your questions about §2255 appeals.

The PCR Consultants Team
(480) 382-9287

Federal Habeas Appeals


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