The Difference Between Federal Prison and Federal Supervised Release

Defining Federal Probation Against Incarceration

A question clients often ask here at PCR Consultants is how we convince District Courts to grant release orders for our clients. Our rates of success are the same or higher than those of defendants who hire expensive law firms to accomplish the same thing.

The not-so-secret answer comes from the United States Code and the very definition of supervision itself. Stick with this article because dull statutes turn into clear, powerful answers Quickly.

Understanding What Supervision is, and What it Isn’t

Lets begin with the assumption that supervised release and incarceration are different. Similar, but different. This might seem obvious, but the meaning behind this fact might not be so obvious.

Take for instance the law that authorizes sentence reductions versus the law that authorizes early termination of supervision. Both come from Title 18 U.S. Code. Sentence